Welcome to Kinship Caring for Beginners


Welcome to Kinship Caring for Beginners.

Well, in reality, it’s not just for beginners. I hope that even experienced carers will share and benefit from this site.

So what are we aiming for, here?

As a kinship carer I was struck by how much information and support there is for foster carers and adopters; yet how little there is for kinship carers. What, you may ask, is the difference?

Put very simply, foster carers and adopters get lots of training and on-going support. Kinship carers, on the other hand, often have to fend for themselves. And they have to do it  unexpectedly and with no planning. In our case, it was a telephone call at work, one afternoon, to say that either we take the grandchildren within the next hour, or so, or they would go into care. That was our warning. And that is repeated, over and over again with kinship carers, everywhere.

So this website is dedicated to kinship carers. You are doing a fine job under very difficult conditions.

This site is for you.

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