The Trouble With Kinship Caring

An acquaintance of mine who goes by the name, Grandpa, wrote an interesting article entitled, The Trouble With Teachers. The article presents a realistic view of the situation of many kinship carers and, indeed, anyone who cares for children with attachment issues. I recommend that you read it, together with the linked articles, especially if you care for, or teach someone with attachment disorder.

The article set me to thinking about other issues faced by those whom I will call “professional carers,” such as kinship carers, foster carers, adopters, those caring for vulnerable adults, etc.

With this in mind, Grandpa has given me permission to use his format to start a “The Trouble With . . .” series. It may not be regular, but I will be adding to it as time goes on. In addition, Grandpa has agreed to consider writing a guest post, or two, as the occasion arises.

I am looking forward to this series, and hope you will follow along.



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